In fall 2019, I am teaching undergraduate Social Relations in the Workplace at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. In Winter 2020, I will be teaching undergraduate Social Stratification and Social Relations in the Workplace. 

I welcome the opportunity to teach courses in any of the following areas. They can be tailored to a variety of levels and course styles (e.g. lectures, seminars). The titles with an asterisk denote courses that I have previously taught, or will teach, as an instructor or teaching assistant. 

Introductory Courses

Introduction to Sociology*

Social Problems*

Introduction to Medical Sociology*

Sociology of Sex and Gender

Sociology of Organizations


Health and Medicine

Health Inequalities*

Urban Health*

Gender and Health

The Sociology of Diagnosis*

Healthcare Systems and Organizations

Sociology of the Body

Death and Dying


Professions and Stratification

Work, Occupations, and Professions*

Social Stratification & Inequality*

Professional Education
Gender and Work


Classical Sociological Theory

Contemporary Sociological Theory



Qualitative Research Methods*


Research Design

Research Ethics*

Research Methods

Click here for a study guide I put together to help first-time sociology students prepare for exams in sociology

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